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Women’s Brown Riding Boots Vs Women’s Black Riding Boots – Do You Want To Know The Difference?

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Are you looking for women’s brown riding boots? Or maybe women’s black riding boots? Did you already decide what color you want? If so, you definitely need to know some facts about these colors, it might change your mind. So keep on reading and I will reveal you a secret and where to find them.Brown color also known as a cognac look. And the texture of the leather shows up much better on the cognac than on black especially if you look for a somewhat rugged looking rider boots.

So many people choose black color boots, because it goes well with almost any color except the very dark. It has conflicting connotations, can be serious and conventional. Women usually choose black color boots because it’s mysterious, sexy and sophisticated. So we can say that black boots look more “money” than the brown boots. If you’re short or have short legs than black boots with black pants will elongate your legs and also take away attention from your hips.If you choose brown color than you probably are down-to-earth. It’s a warm color, can stimulate appetite, so many women choose brown boots to stand out of the crowd. If you love attention and loads of compliments than this color is definitely for you because brown boots will make your feet stand out more. Also brown leather boots look better when you wear them slouchy.

But if you’re typical girl and still don’t know what color riding boots to buy than simply open your wardrobe and decide what would be most versatile. The majority of women’s rider boots are black, but the question is do you want to be like most people? We girls, like to be unique and how fantastic feel would be to have a unique pair of black or brown boots within next 48 hrs?


Written by ramseychris26

April 26, 2016 at 6:54 am